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Daily Archives for: August 11th, 2008

This review deals with the results showing the relation between vitamin B12 deficiency and neurotoxicity of homocysteine and nitrite (a metabolite of nitric oxide) in Parkinson's patients treated with levodopa (L-Dopa). We have already reported a linear relationship between the CSF levels of nitrite with glutamic acid and homocysteine suggesting that the production of nitrite is interrelated with the neurotoxic level of homocysteine.

Selenium is an essential trace element involved in several key metabolic activities via selenoproteins, enzymes that are essential to protect against oxidative damage and to regulate immune function. Selenium also may have other health benefits unrelated to its enzymatic functions. It may provide important health benefits to people whose oxidative stress loads are high, such as those with inflammatory or infectious diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,

BACKGROUND: An inverse association between selenium status and incidence of different neoplasias including gastric cancer has been reported. This pilot study aimed to determine and compare selenium status in two Colombian populations with different gastric cancer risks: a high-risk area in the volcanic region of the Andes Mountains and a low-risk area on the Pacific coast.

Daily supplementation with the essential trace mineral selenium significantly reduced prostate cancer risk in men in the Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Trial. However, the optimal intake of selenium for prostate cancer prevention is unknown. We hypothesized that selenium significantly regulates the extent of genotoxic damage within the aging prostate and that the relationship between dietary selenium intake and DNA damage is non-linear,

 Background Recent studies have suggested that selenium intake may prevent the risk of developing prostate cancer. Results from some of these studies have given conflicting results. Because of these discrepant results we sought to explore the association between selenium intake and prostate cancer by conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature.

Background: Undernourished children have poor levels of development that benefit from stimulation. Zinc deficiency is prevalent in undernourished children and may contribute to their poor development.

Objective: We assessed the effects of zinc supplementation and psychosocial stimulation given together or separately on the psychomotor development of undernourished children.

Design: This was a randomized controlled trial with 4 groups: stimulation alone,

Zinc is an essential mineral and deficiency results in abnormal immune function and higher rates of infectious diseases. Randomized controlled trials of zinc supplementation have been conducted in children in developing countries to determine effects on infectious disease morbidity and mortality. Zinc-supplemented children have been found to have lower rates of diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria in comparison with children not given zinc.

Zinc is an essential trace element in the human body and its importance in health and disease is appreciated. It serves as a cofactor in numerous transcription factors and enzyme systems including zinc-dependent matrix metalloproteinases that augment autodebridement and keratinocyte migration during wound repair. Zinc confers resistance to epithelial apoptosis through cytoprotection against reactive oxygen species and bacterial toxins possibly through antioxidant activity of the cysteine-rich metallothioneins.

Purpose To assess the relationship between baseline dietary and supplement intakes of antioxidants and the long-term risk of incident age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
Design Australian population–based cohort study. 
Participants Of 3654 baseline (1992–1994) participants initially 49 years of older, 2454 were reexamined after 5 years,