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An Introduction to Stem Cell and Dr. Calapai’s Comprehensive Approach to Health

Dr. Calapai is Board Certified in:

  • Family Medicine
  • Anti Aging Medicine

Dr. Calapai has a Certificate in:

  • Chelation

Dr. Calapai has a Fellowship Certification in:

  • Stem Cell
Dr Calapai’s approach is a comprehensive in nature, evaluating all of the causes of illness, and taking into consideration a full understanding of each patient. The more we comprehend, the more able we are to accurately diagnose and treat disease. Education is an essential part of the doctor patient relationship, and he strives to teach as much as possible so that they can come away with considerably more information than ever before. Whether in office or on the radio , the goal is to make even complex things easier to understand. Dr. Calapai is also the founder of The Stem Cell Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing stem cell research. In so many cases there are far more causes of illness than meets the eye. As we evaluate all causes we can attain far greater results*.

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*Legal Disclaimer: All our Therapies, and other treatments and modalities mentioned or referred to in this web site are medical techniques that may or may not be considered “mainstream”. As with any medical treatment, results will vary among individuals, and there is no implication or guarantee that you will heal or achieve the same outcome as patients herein. As with any procedure, there could be pain or other substantial risks involved. These concerns should be discussed with your healthcare provider prior to any treatment so that you have proper informed consent and understand that there are no guarantees to healing. THE INFORMATION IN THIS WEBSITE IS OFFERED FOR GENERAL EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND DOES NOT IMPLY OR GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE. No Doctor/Patient relationship shall be deemed to have arisen simply by reading the information contained on these pages, and you should consult with your personal physician/care giver regarding your medical treatment before undergoing any sort of treatment or therapy

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