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An update on stem cell for neurological disorders: cell death pathways as therapeutic targets

Here, we compiled ten papers detailing recent strides in the field of stem cell , which address critical issues relevant to pursuing this experimental results for clinical applications in brain disorders. Topics include efficacy, safety, and mechanism of action underlying cell , emerging technologies and combination pharmacotherapies with cell transplantation directed at improving the functional outcomes, and evaluation of key translational components of advancing novel therapeutics to the clinic, including the need for vis-à-vis comparisons with the gold standard of results post-injury (i.e., physical rehabilitation). A bioethics paper is also incorporated here to further appreciate the current status of cell in the community setting. The overall goal of this special volume is to provoke a meaningful assessment of the lessons we have learned in recent years and to use such knowledge to carefully translate safe and effective applications of cell , and its mechanism of action for the results of neurological disorders.