Coenzyme Q10 and lipid-related gene induction in HeLa cells


Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that may have a therapeutic role in cervical cancer.

Study design

We investigated the cellular and molecular effects of 30 μmol/L Coenzyme Q10 in HeLa cells. Cell growth assays, fluorescence-activated cell sorting analyses, and Oil Red O staining were performed. Microarray experiments were performed in duplicate and analyzed on the basis of 2-fold changes in levels of gene expression.


Coenzyme Q10 inhibited cell growth and led to apoptosis. Microarray analysis showed that 264 sequences were altered over time, with enrichment in lipid-related genes. Enhanced lipid accumulation was confirmed with Oil Red O staining.


A lipid response to Coenzyme Q10 may affect mechanisms of growth inhibition in HeLa cells.

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