Air pollution can cause significant brain dysfunction in children!!

In a recent study published in the European respiratory Journal, researchers described that air pollution can dramatically affect the young and developing brain.  Environmental exposures in the URL entering early life may permanently change the brain structure function and metabolism and lead to diseases later in life.  Infants are particularly vulnerable the cause of immature tissues and insufficient protection of these cells.
There are a wide range of common pollutants, some of the most significant included lead, mercury and poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.  A variety of studies has been done on animals, and when exposed to air pollutants brain inflammation and swelling occur, as well as significant decrease in performance skills.
In the human population exposure to air pollutants creates significant oxidative stress and free radical damage of cells.  There are numerous studies that describe this in reference to lung degeneration and inflammation and heart disease.
Ultra fine carbon particles are a major component of air pollution, and are known to trap or bind to heavy metals such as antimony, lead, Mercury, and barium.  All of these have significant negative effect on brain function.


Once again there are many things that occur in our environment that we have little knowledge of ,or control over.  Once again it is important to understand the things that our bodies are exposed to.
I feel that it is very important to do screen tests for heavy metals in both blood and urine, to more accurately evaluate these substances in our bodies.

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