Can Zinc lower Diabetes risk?

Zinc is an extremely important mineral in our bodies, and the latest studies atHarvard School of Public Health describe that increasing Zinc intake was associated with a decreased risk of type 2 Diabetes in women. The study included over 82,000 women from the ages of 33 to 60 and lasted 24 years.

Those with the highest intake of Zinc had a 10% reduction in Diabetes ! 

Let's addd this to increased exercise, lowering carbs in the diet, correcting declining hormones  and we have an amazing ability to change the course of such a devastating disease.

As I have always maintained it is extremely important to test vitamin and mineral levels. The only way to know if we are meeting our individual requirements is to test.  In all of my patients for over 20 years I've tested vitamins and minerals. After making specific recommendations based on this testing, within one month I recommend retesting to make sure all levels are perfect.

Stay tuned for more of the latest nutritional research!!

Best Regards,

DR. Christopher Calapai

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