New Anti Aging medicine service announcement at Dr. Calapai's office

In keeping with my comprehensive approach to patient care and an emphasis on Anti Aging Medicine, I am happy to announce the addition of Aesthetic services to the office.
These will be available during usual office hours, and as well I have set up a seminar at the Marriott Hotel on Wednesday September 17th to fully discuss and explain these procedures. It starts at 7 PM and is as usual at the Hempstead tpke, Uniondale Marriott hotel.
The services include:
                   1. The latest and most effective in Laser .  This new state of the art device is unique
                       in that is offers the widest variety of within one machine. It is far different from the
                       older less accurate devices. It is computer driven, and has an excellent cooling attachment
                       as part of the handset. This enables the greatest amount of comfort during  the procedure.
                       The time for results is also greatly reduced because of  the computerized technique.
                    Applications include:
                                   –   Acne and Acne Scars
                                   –   Dyschromia and Pigmentation abnormalities
                                   –   Hair Removal (all skin and hair types)
                                   –   Hemangiomas  (blood vessel abnormalities of face and body)
                                   –   Spider Veins and Varicose Veins
                                   –   Light and Deep Facial Peel Techniques for Resurfacing
                                   –   Rosacea
                                   –   Scar Revision
                                   –   Skin Tightening and Collagen Stimulation
                                   –   Wrinkles
                                   –   Age Spots and Blemishes
                      2.   Injectable filler
                                   – Juviderm and Juviderm Ultra for facial folds around the nose, mouth, lips
                                      as well as for thinning skin on the back of the hands
                      3.    Botox
                                   – A purified protein derivative to relax muscles and decrease wrinkling of the
                                     forehead, around eyes (crows feet), lips and neck
Please feel free to call the office for further information and appointment.
I look forward to seeing you at the Marriott Hotel on Wed Sept 17th at 7 PM  please call the office to reserve a seat.
(516)  794 0404
Best Regards,

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