Vitamin C intake may reduce the risk of gout

A recent study done at the Arthritis Research Institute of Canada, describes that vitamin C intake may reduce the risk of gout.  In a study of over 46,900 men, with a follow-up over 20 years, taking vitamin C at a dosage of 1500 mg per day was correlated with the lowest risk of gout.
It seems that every time I look for research on vitamin C something new and exciting occurs.  Vitamin C has so many wonderful benefits for the human body, and typically we need to have more substantial doses than are ever recommended by the typical RDA.
Remember that no one absorbs 100% of any amount of any product on the label, so we certainly need to test for vitamin and mineral levels.  Of course it always makes sense to have lots of good clear fluids in the diet, and to keep red meats, chemicals and preservatives away from our meals.
With all the wonderful research on vitamins and minerals, imagine if we could get all of our nutrients into the perfect range!
This has been a goal of mine for all of my patients and all of my listeners for my entire career.


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