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Patient: “I came to Dr. Calapai last April and I didn’t know anything about stem cells then. I came to him because I was having a lot of problem with mobility. Arthritis- I’ve had for over 30 years I’m 58 years old so I’ve had it since I was in my 20s and it had progressed to the point where I could only make it up and down the stairs maybe once or twice a day and I couldn’t go further than that.

Patient: “Hi my name is Andy I am a patient of Dr. Calapai and when I had come to Dr. Calapai in June of 2016 my weight was 277 pounds my blood sugar reading was 167 and my A1C was 7.2.

I had heard of Dr. Calapai on his radio show his whole nutritional approach and his stem cell which he’s conducting clinical trials for but what really interested me was the whole approach I didn’t know that I was diabetic at the time but when presented with these facts Dr.

Dr. Calapai: “Hello I’m Dr. Christopher Calapai and thank you for looking at my website this next video is one of a patient with a severe debilitating disease called Parkinson’s Disease. I’ll let he and his wife tell you the results they’ve had after one stem cell .”

Patient’s wife: “My name is Mary […] I’m a registered pharmacist and my husband is also a pharmacist and we are here to give you our story about his journey through Parkinson’s Disease.