A patient testimonial after Stem Cell by CC Medical in NY, NY

Patient: “About a year ago I started to experience severe pain in my right shoulder and I played sports all my life and I was currently involved in a softball league so I started feeling more and more pain as the days went on.

Every time I threw a ball so I called Dr. Calapai up and he expressed some different things that he could do with me and one of them being stem cells so I came in with him and we talked for a while and he explained the stem cells and how they work and I eventually went and had the process done to me and about after it was done to me I about three weeks later I started feeling much better.

My shoulder progressively got better and better and now it actually- I don’t feel and pain at all. It’s been relatively painless since this procedure which was I guess was maybe nine, ten months ago since I had it but ever since a month or three weeks since then I did good with it.”*

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