A patient testimonial after Stem Cell results by CC Medical in NY, NY.

“I was sick for going on seven years, and I have been to multiple doctors and nobody could help me.I had serious side effects- I had been a work out guy my whole life- I wasn’t able to work out any more. I was just barely able to function. It was destroying my marriage, I was getting depressed, and nobody seemed to be able to help me. And then I had some liver problems where my liver started failing and no doctors could do anything or find out what the problem was. I had biopsies and they wanted to put me into the hospital. I was told to go visit Dr. Calapai and that he could help me.

I visited Dr. Calapai and he suggested stem cell replacement, nutritional supplements would be able to help. We proceeded to do the nutritional supplements which helped me quite a bit. He ran several tests on my allergies, and found out I had severe food allergies and that was the cause of all my infections. And after going to 7 or 8 different allergists he as the only one who found out what was wrong. I still had problems with my liver. He did stem cell replacement last September and the amazing thing about the stem cells is that they not only regenerated my liver, they regenerated my immune system and also inspired something in my sinuses I would never even believe it wasn’t just food allergies causing my problems it was environmental allergies. I’m off all allergy drugs, all shots. I get no infections, I have not gotten a sniffle, I don’t get sick anymore, my energy levels are through the roof- it’s like I went back in time seven years.

I’m happier- my moods- Dr. Calapai saved my life, basically he saved my life and I owe him a debt of gratitude and my whole demeanor, everything about me- I’m just happy again and I’ve got my life back. The stem cells can do the work and I would do stem cells in a heartbeat again- and that’s my story. Before I actually had the stem cells done, was a extensive bloodwork that he wanted to see what was going on in my body. And he did the blood work about two months before he actually had the stem cells done, and then I went in and had a consultation about what was going on, and he saw what was going on with my liver, and it was getting at the critical stage, and he knew that I was definitely going to have to get the stem cells done.

Whether it was going to take care of my sinus issues- because he knew I had food issues (allergies) we didn’t know, and I didn’t know. After the stem cell replacement, after he did the procedure, I did fell it within three months. He told me it was probably going to take six months. When I came within the three month period of my checkup, when he saw how well my liver was doing, which was amazing- I didn’t think my liver was gonna to that well within three months. And as each month went on, I said to my wife: ‘my sinuses are clearing up, I’m not getting sick, I don’t feel tired.’ That’s all stem cells!”*

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