Antiaging medicine and amazing advances in laser

Aesthetic Medicine is an important extension of Anti Aging Medicine. It is the understanding of the changes that occur in our appearance that come with age and time.
Some individuals have abnormalities that come from nutritional deficiency, hormone decline, exposure to environmental toxins, effects of infection, excessive sun exposure and genetic predisposition. It is important to consider these when undertaking correction and optimization of health.
These changes of course, occur in all tissues but are most evident in the skin. This is the largest organ of the body and has communication to all tissues through blood flow. This is also the most overlooked organ system and often the most damaged over time. With the variability in skin types, and biochemical and genetic individuality the approach must be comprehensive and thorough. This includes assessment of Vitamins and Minerals, Hormones, Allergy, Infection, Immune response, Heavy Metal Exposure, Hydration, and Exercise. Therapeutic modalities depend on initial assessment, and additional therapies can greatly optimize outcome.
The most exciting and rewarding of techniques for skin results is Laser Technology.
This has been in existence since the early 1950's, and was used in Photography, Navigation, Astronomy, and over time Medical Research. The latter to date, includes Lasik eye surgery, Laser Scalpel for surgical procedures, and in the largest application Cosmetic or Aesthetic Medicine.
In essence, Laser involves the use of a concentrated pulse of light directed into a specific area of the skin to create a response. The light beam is attracted to Melanin (skin pigment), Hemoglobin (iron molecule in red blood cells), and Water in different layers in the skin. This allows for a controlled heating of the area to allow for precise changes in the tissues. The response depends on the depth of results, time of exposure and existing skin condition.
Superficial results can help remove Age Spots or Dyschromia (discoloration) of the skin, Hair, Spider Veins, and can help in resurfacing the skin. Deeper results can dramatically stimulate collagen, decrease and remove scars, correct varicose veins, treat wrinkles, alter fat deposits and tighten skin.
Older Laser Machines did have some drawbacks, they were less easily controlled, allowed more discomfort per procedure, were not significantly computerized, and didn't provide adequate cooling per results.
The newest and most advanced machine is far greater than its predecessors.
This is called The Profile by Sciton.
• It houses multiple lasers in one cabinet
• It has an advanced cooling mechanism within it , virtually painless results
• It has a sophisticated computer program module with variable adaptation
• It has a computerized scanning mechanism to insure ease and accuracy of individual technique
All of these make for a more enjoyable, more rapid, safer experience.
Many times techniques are combined for a more pronounced effect of result; this is only possible with this specific machine.
Conditions treated include:
• Acne and Acne Scars
• Actinic Keratosis (Sun Damage)
• Age Spots
• Discoloration
• Hair Removal
• Pigmentation Problems (Port Wine Stains etc)
• Rosacea
• Skin Resurfacing
• Skin Rejuvenation with Collagen Stimulation
• Spider Veins
• Telangiectasias (superficial vessels on the face)
• Tatoo Removal
• Varicose veins
Please ask to see the before and after pictures available in the black folder in the office.
Also please look at the articles on the website that described benefits and results for a wide range of disorders in using the latest in laser techniques .

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