A patient testimonial after for Torn Meniscus of Knee by CC Medical in NY, NY.

Patient: “In January I was kneeling down at work; as I stood up I felt a pop in my knee.

It got progressively more painful as the day went on. My primary care doctor thought it was a torn meniscus and sent me to an orthopedic group and they did an MRI.

They confirmed it- they wanted to do arthroscopic surgery but I was leery about it because I had heard that some people… actually the results were worse after the surgery so I had heard that Dr. Calapai was doing this Stem Cell [results] and I wanted to give it a shot.

He did the results about three weeks ago and I’ve noticed that after about two weeks my knee got progressively better and better- less and less pain, less and less swelling, more range of mobility. I was very active at work and after the injury I could barely work and now I’m pretty much back to a full work schedule.”

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